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Back To The Future

When I was a young boy I recall watching the movie Back To The Future, and wondering what I would be doing in the year 2015. At that time I was really excited about hover boards and Deloreans. Looking back, those man-made machines represented more than just rad toys. They represented abstract concepts like science and innovation, creativity and productivity, and the drive for a more prosperous future.

Having experienced two decades of life since that tall tale of my childhood I can see more clearly the outlook for the future. There are things that I am still excited about, and there are things that frighten me tremendously. I am excited about technology and innovation, and the radical technological advances in just the last generation. But I am also unsettled at the political consensus in The United States of America, and deeply concerned about our accelerating trend toward fascism.

In the year of 1913 many dramatic political events occured in the United States of America. Namely, the popular election of Woodrow Wilson. Around this period three legislative events occurred that changed the course of American history: the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve System were institutionalized, and the 17th Amendment altered the structure of our political system from a Representative Republic to a Democracy. These three events unlocked unlimited financing for nefarious individuals seeking power and authority, and weakened the representative republic political structure whose purpose was to thwart them.

I endeavor to lead a peaceful revolution back to a limited and moral government through three initial actions via executive order:

1. Abolition of the IRS

2. Abolition of The Federal Reserve

3. Abolition of Senate Democracy

These three initial actions will start the process toward remaking a moral federal government. Federal tax collections will be voluntary, there will be no state monopoly on currency and banking, and United States Senators will be selected by State legislatures. This will be a difficult and painful shock to many. There will be challenges and pain. There will be a brighter future if each citizen regains an ounce of rational egoism.

Mind Your Own

America was born on the premise of individual rights, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, whereby each man and woman had equal political rights; the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson recognized that the sole purpose of government was to protect these unalienable rights. We have strayed far and wide from this ideal through implicit altruism and popular collectivism.

What has caused this dramatic political shift from individual rights and liberty to collective obligation and compulsion? It's the dominant form of popular morality: Altruism - "other"-ism. Our guiding moral framework directly contradicts the founding political framework of America. What is required to return to a proper, legitimate government, and a free and prosperous civilization? Egoism - "I"-ism.

What is egoism and why is it critical to a free society? It is the moral directive of action in one's rational self-interest. Your lifes purpose in an egoist moral framework is achieved through three principle virtues:

1. Reason - Man's only means of objective knowledge

2. Purpose - Have substantive personal goals

3. Self-Esteem - Honestly revere yourself

The ethics of egoism and virtues therein are the only consistent and probable path to human survival, prosperity, and happiness. An egoist ethics is the foundation of a free society and a moral government.

A Good Government

A moral government in any form or scale serves in the protection and defense of individual rights. That is the right to life, liberty, and property. The pursuit of happiness is promoted, and the pursuit of self destruction is not prohibited. A government can only protect these rights in three categorical services. Each service designed to protect each individual from force and fraud.

1. Military Force - To deter and destroy violent foreign forces

2. Police Force - To deter and arrest domestic criminals

3. Legal Force - To achieve justice in violations of individual rights

A morally founded government responsible for these monopolies on legitimate and necessary force will be funded through voluntary tax contributions facilited by the US Treasury. Individuals and associations of any kind are free to contribute money in any sum at any time. The US Treasury will be permitted to create and offer tax revenue mechanisms such as voluntary lotteries and voluntary contract and trade mediation.

War & Trade

A moral foreign policy is based on the same ethics of a free and prosperous society: rational self-interest. The United States government should maintain a military force to combat and deter foreign aggressors. States that engage in direct and indirect warfare with the United States should be destroyed swiftly and decisively. There are three strategic foreign policy directives consistent with these ideals:

1. Islamic Totalitarians - Destroy swiftly and decisively

2. Miscellaneous Totalitarians - Stern final warning

3. Free People - Laissez-faire capitalism

It is imperative that the United States actively defends itself from known enemies. Islamic Totalitarianism is a consistent and credible threat, financed by numerous totatilitarian Islamic states including Iran and Saudi Arabia. Totatilitarian states of any variety are a threat to individual rights and a free society, and will be destroyed once they become a threat to the citizens of the United States.

The A-Team

It's an unwinnable battle I am willing to win.

Kory Matthew Leavitt

4 July © 2015